Covenant Christian School again earned an “A” on the state’s report card for Indiana schools — the school has maintained this “A” Grade since 2009-10.

The grade comes from a combination of scores and puts Covenant in the top 25% or better of public and private schools in the state. The first measure is the pass rate of students on the state ISTEP test for Language Arts and Math. The second measure is the growth score.  It is not enough to have a student just pass a test.  Whether the student is in the bottom 25% or the top 25%, they has to show increasing academic growth. Once these scores are calculated, it is then multiplied by the percentage of children who actually take the test.  Our score at Covenant will always have a multiplier of 1 because everyone takes the tests.

The state continues to modify how the grade is determined.  We have been required to have a 95% attendance rate for the school year. Now they will be holding us accountable for the 95% but also improvement in those kids who missed too much school in the prior year. The grade will modify again as the state moves toward the new ILEARN test that is coming that will replace the ISTEP.

The grade is not the only thing that makes Covenant a great school.  While it is important that the kids continue to thrive academically, it is the combination of academic, social and spiritual growth that we want to see as we equip them to serve God in His world.

To learn more about the Indiana Department of Educations’ A-F School Accountability grades, see their F.A.Q. document.



Principal Hesselink
October, 2017

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