Students and their Families from Covenant Christian School joined people from the local community to walk 6 Kilometers on Saturday 4 May 2019 as part of World Vision’s 6K for Water campaign. Those of us in South Bend weren’t walking alone… rather we joined over 52,000 people from 22 countries across the globe, all united for World Vision’s cause of bringing clean and accessible water infrastructure to kids, families and communities who can’t take their water for granted like we often do.

Check-out the photo gallery below to see some of the fun the Covenant community had together, while raising awareness for the new for clean and accessible water, and raising money to provide kids, families and communities with clean water, for a lifetime — that’s a good morning!

Also, watch the video-round-up of this years Global 6K.

World Vision is doing just what Jesus asked us to do… meet a basic human need by providing another person with a drink. For every $50 registration fee or sponsorship, World Vision is able to provide clean water infrastructure for one person for a lifetime. This kind of visionary work transforms lives, families and communities, as people no longer need to walk an average of 6 kilometers a day to collect their water, which is often not even clean or safe to drink. Accessible water means more time to go to school, grow crops, earn a living and be with family. Clean water brings life and health. Accessible and clean water quenches a basic human need, and its great for the Covenant Community to be apart of what Jesus is doing in the world through organisations like World Vision.

Learn more about World Vision’s Clean Water initiatives @

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