Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Tuition?

2019-20 Tuition Rates, Fees & Discounts:


3 Year Olds (Tue / Thur) $1297

4/5 Year Olds (Mon / Wed / Fri) $1946


5 Day Program $6162

3 Day Program (Tue, Wed, Thur) $3697

Elementary School

1st – 5th Grade $6162

Middle School

6th – 8th Grade $6487


Enrollment Fees:

  • Preschool: $50 per child
  • Kindergarten — 8th Grade:
    • $75 per child enrolled by March 31st
    • $125 per child enrolled on or after April 1st

Activity Fees:

  • Preschool: $50
  • Add – a – Lingua Immersion Fee: $200
  • Kindergarten – 8th Grade (Traditional): $125
  • Kindergarten – 8th Grade (Spanish Immersion): $125

Discounts Available:

NOTE: discounts only apply to Tuition. Discounts do not apply to Enrollment or Activity Fees.

  • Multi-student Discount
    • 1st Student – 100%
    • 2nd Student – 95%
    • 3rd Student – 90%
  • Prepayment Discount: 2%

Do you offer tuition assistance or accept vouchers?

Covenant Christian School offers tuition assistance, scholarships and participates in the Indiana’s Choice Scholarship Program, commonly referred to as the voucher program.

What does it mean to be parent-owned and operated?

Covenant is governed by an elected School Board as opposed to a church board or denominational agency. The Board of Directors is elected by our Parent Association and is responsible for hiring a qualified Christian staff, monitoring the finances of the school, and setting school policy.

Individually, Board members also serve as liaisons to the committees that help run the day-to-day and special activities within the school. These committees make recommendations to the Board regarding the planning and implementation of curriculum, fundraising, public relations and marketing, and facility needs. Covenant parents are expected to participate in the committee structure by serving on a committee or helping in a classroom.

If you are interested in serving on the Schools Board or joining a Committee, please contact the Office.

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What curriculum is used at Covenant Christian School?

We use a variety of materials for our classrooms. A single textbook company does not necessarily have expertise in every content area. Our Education Committee, which is comprised of teachers and parents, monitors the curriculum. Using a five-year review cycle, one content area is evaluated each year. We constantly seek out books and materials to help us meet the educational needs of our students. We compare our curriculum standards against the standards set by the state of Indiana. We meet or exceed those standards.

It is important to Covenant that we meet or surpass state standards. It is just as important to provide a curriculum that excites students and encourages them to become lifelong learners. Our study units are designed to give students hands-on experiences where students can demonstrate their learning through traditional means, but also through individual presentations, speeches, and projects. This helps develop all the skills necessary to be successful as the students step out into God’s world.

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Are your teachers certified?

Yes. All of our teachers hold degrees in Education or are certified in the subject areas they teach.

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Does Covenant Christian School provide before-and-after school care?

Wrap-Around | Before-and-After School Care

Before and After School Care is available from 7:30am thru 8:25am and from 3:20pm until 6pm.

Students participating in WrapAround Care are given homework/study time, and participate in group activities such as outside or inside play, crafts, and computer games. Students should bring their own healthy snack.

To help facilitate child care for families who have varying schedules, the Wrap-Around service is provided as-needed without a set commitment. Wrap-Around rates are charged by the Hour and are very affordable.

Please contact the office if your family has a consistent need for care outside of our current hours, or for more information.


Covenant does not provide bus transportation, but relies on parent transportation for students. We will help to coordinate car pools for parents who live in your area.

Does Covenant Christian School have a dress code?

Dress Code for Kindergarten through 8th Grade

We believe uniforms promote intellectual and spiritual growth in a safe non-competitive environment. Uniforms help to reinforce our standards and provide a positive academic atmosphere during the school day. We expect parent/guardian support of the uniform dress code, which is enforced by the administrator, faculty and staff. Clothing should not be a distraction to other students in the classroom. The classroom teacher has the right to veto dress he/she finds distracting to the educational process.


Solid navy blue or khaki pants (must be worn at the waist) in good repair. Corduroy, capris or chino style are also acceptable. Solid navy blue or khaki skirts, skorts or jumpers (must be at fingertip length or longer). No denim of any color may be worn, unless it is Spirit Wear Day. Shorts must be worn at the waist, fingertip length or longer.


Plain white, red, or any shade of blue (no denim) may be worn. Must have long or short sleeves, collared shirt. May wear only plain uniform colored shirts underneath a uniform top. They may not have any lace or sequins on them. Logos must be smaller than a quarter in size. Shirts must be buttoned modestly.


Solid navy blue, red, white or light blue sweater may be worn if there is a collared, uniform shirt on underneath. Sweaters may include: crew neck, v-neck, vest, pullover or cardigan style. (Logos must be smaller than a quarter.) Sweatshirts and fleece may be worn in the classroom if they follow the same standards.


Dress shoes or athletic shoes in good condition. Sandals with a heel strap are acceptable. Shoes may have no more than a 2” heel. No flip flops or clogs. Dress boots are acceptable with skirts or jumpers ONLY if you have outdoor boots too.

  • Belts may not hang down more than 4” from the waist. They must be simple and plain.
  • Jewelry must be tasteful and not excessive. (Nothing larger than the size of a quarter.
  • Males may not wear earrings.
  • Females may not wear more than two earrings per ear.
  • No tattoos or piercing in conspicuous locations.
  • Tongue piercing is not permitted.
  • Excessive jewelry, make-up, fingernails is not allowed.
  • Hair must be neatly groomed at all times. (It may not be excessive, cause a distraction or present a ragged, unkempt or extreme appearance.)

Every student must have a pair of gym shoes in his/her locker at all times. For their safety, students may not participate in gym without the appropriate shoes. These shoes may also be used as indoor shoes.


Violators will be asked to correct the infraction, will be sent to the administrator’s office and parents will be called to bring in the proper clothing. If a second infraction occurs the student will be disciplined. The administrator has the final say and decision in all above matters.

Do I need to belong to a specific church to attend Covenant Christian School?

No.  Covenant is a multi-denominational Christian school with more than 30 local churches represented throughout the faculty and student body.  We require that parents of Covenant students be active, professing Christians.

Is the school affiliated with a specific church or denomination?

No, the school is not connected to any particular church or denomination. We welcome families from across the spectrum of Christian faith traditions.

Does the School encourage prayer & bible reading?

Yes. Prayer has a daily role in all our classrooms, and we incorporate scripture memorization into our lesson plans & assignments.

Are the students required to attend a chapel service?

Yes, we have a weekly chapel service that brings our students together to worship God as a school community.

Does the school teach specifically on divisive doctrinal issues?

No. As a multi-denominational school that is represented by over 30 local churches, we want to respect a range of Christian teachings and perspectives.

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