As part of our emphasis on S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) here at Covenant Christian School, our 5th graders spend 5 Wednesdays (25 Total Hours) at STARBASE each year.  This program is funded by the Department of Defense and is designed to meet STEM standards.

The STARBASE Curriculum covers:

A. Newton’s Three Laws of Motion
B. Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics

A. Building Blocks of Matter
B. Physical and Chemical Changes
C. Atmospheric Properties

A. Innovations
B. Navigation and Mapping

A. Engineering Design Process (EDP)
B. 3-D Computer-Aided Design (3.0 hrs as mandated by OASD/RA)

Mathematics Operations & Applications
A. Numbers and Number Relationships
B. Measurement
C. Geometry
D. Data Analysis

STEM Careers
A. STEM Careers
B. Personal Investigations

The kids get to use high end technology and solve real world problems.  Two favorite activities were the Three-D printer where the students printed robots and their Egg Engineering design challenge, where their egg was their passenger and they had to protect it from a car crash.  Students come back to school and buzz with excitement about what they learned.

In addition to STEM, the classroom teacher used the experience to connect her Language Arts curriculum to their experience.  The student wrote persuasive letters to our Congresswoman, Jackie Walorski, and encouraged her to continue to support the STARBASE program so other 5th graders could have this experience.

Learn more about STARBASE and the opportunities it provides our 5th Grade Covenant Students @

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Principal Hesselink
Fall, 2017


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