Mrs. Foster, first grade English teacher, and her class are studying John in their Bible class. They are learning about how he wrote letters of encouragement to churches. They decided to write a letter to a new church planning to open in Elkhart. Here is what they wrote:
Dear Harvest Bible Chapel,
Our 1st grade class is learning about John and the letters of encouragement he wrote to churches. We know that you are planning to open a new church in Elkhart.
Ella wants to tell you that you don’t have to be scared. Milah wants you to not be nervous and don’t worry if people are embarrassed.  Josie would like to remind you to be kind to the new people that will come. Lilly wants you to remember to not be afraid of who likes your church and who doesn’t.  London is encouraging you to be nice to everyone. Ben would like you to know that you will be OK no matter what.  Luca would like to remind you that God loves everyone.  Riley wants to remind the church to not be nervous because God is with you all the time. Michael gives you peace from God and Mrs. Foster is going to have our class pray for your new church.
Mrs. Foster’s Class
We’re so proud of our first graders!

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