Our First, Second, and Third grade English classes visited the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago on November 30th. Read about their visit below!

First Grade: Mrs. Foster’s class has been learning about habitats, endangered species, and animal life cycles. We wanted to bring our learning to life, so on Friday November 30th Mrs Foster’s 1st grade class, along with Miss Knisley’s 2nd-3rd grade class went to Shedd Aquarium for a field trip.    While at the aquarium we were able to explore fish and animals from all over the world.  Students had to do research on an animal while at Shedd.  They read about the animal, what it ate, where it lived, if it was endangered, and what they could do to help the animals.  The students enjoyed experiencing the dolphin show and even got to participate during the show.  At the very end of the day the students were gathered together for a learning experience by one of Shedd’s guides. The learning experience taught them how to be better animal explorers and how to study animals and think about why animals do what they do.  We had a great time taking our classroom learning and applying it to real life! We also made a wreath, with Miss Knisley’s class, out of plastic waste to bring awareness to the amount of plastic that is found in the ocean.  The wreath is entered into a contests at Shedd Aquarium along with other schools about bringing awareness to the waste that is thrown in the ocean each year.

Second & Third Grade: We had the amazing opportunity to take our students to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.  Mrs. Foster and I attended a teaching conference at the Shedd Aquarium in October. While there, we saw that there was an opportunity to enter our classes in a contest.  We were given a metal frame and the goal was to create a wreath out of recycled plastic. We brought our two classes together and brainstormed on a theme. We decided to make our wreath a coral reef.  We spent the next couple days watching videos about the coral reef, discussing the aquatic animals, collecting recycled plastic and putting the wreath together. We had two weeks to get the wreath together before we had to return to Chicago to deliver it.   We then decided that we really wanted to look into taking a field trip to the Shedd so the kids could see their wreath hanging in the aquarium and have the experience of seeing the aquatic animals in their habitats. Mrs. Foster did the majority of the work in contacting the aquarium and figuring out transportation.  While at the aquarium the kids had the opportunity to explore the aquarium, see a dolphin show and get involved in a learning experience organized by the aquarium staff. It was an amazing experience for all who attended. I have to admit I got a little choked up in seeing their excitement as they explored. It was a memorable day for our kids and we saw our wreath hanging proudly in the aquarium.

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