School History, Mission, Identity


Covenant Christian School was established in 1993 by a group of independent, multidenominational parents looking for a comprehensive academic program.


Covenant Christian School’s mission is to partner with Christian parents to equip their children to serve God in His world by providing a Christ-centered, academically excellent education.



The Star

The star represents the directional qualities we instill in our children with a quality Christian education. Stars have been a source of direction for travelers and explorers throughout the ages, including the Magi, who were guided by a star towards Jesus’ birth place. Covenant Christian School aims to provide its students with Christian morals and values through a quality education that will lead them to thrive in their future life journeys.

The star is a timeless symbol of quality. Covenant Christian School strives to provide an academically excellent education for its students. Covenant isn’t just another private school. It’s an award-winning institution that stands above other educational options in the Michiana area.

The star has visual similarities to a cross, the principal symbol of the Christianity. In the west,  the cross recalls Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection that redeem the world. In the east, the square cross (that resembles the star) has long represented the good news of God’s redemption going to the four-corners of the world. Covenant Christian School equips children to serve God in His world.


The Circle

The four segments of the circle are united by the star and each one represent a core pillar of the school’s mission statement:

Covenant Christian School provides an academically excellent education in a unique learning environment, allowing our students to thrive and develop skills to reach their highest potential.

Christian identity is at the core of everything the school does and offers. We embrace, model and teach Christian values and morals, as we seek to serve God in His World.

The school prides itself on providing a family environment, an atmosphere where students love to come to school. Parents are encouraged to partner with us and actively be part of all facets of their children’s education.

Following Jesus’ command  to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, Covenant Christian School prepares students to be world citizens committed to serving their neighbors near and far and working for the redemption of the world God loves.


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