At Covenant Christian School we are blessed to have a community that extends beyond our small corner of Indiana and reaches to the four corners of the world. We have students, parents, and teachers from Peru, Australia, Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, India, Venezuela, and beyond. The foreign knowledge, experience, and stories these people share with us through being part of Covenant enriches us all as a school community.

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September, it also hit the Covenant community.  Our 3rd Grade Spanish Immersion teacher, Militza Mendoza’s, family lives in Puerto Rico. At first she had trouble contacting them. When she was able to speak with them, their stories were horrifying. Through Sra. Mendoza, this natural disaster was transformed from impersonal images on the news to real people with names and families, who had real needs for clean drinking water, diapers, food, and clothing.

As a result the School community mobilized, collecting 20 pallets of food, water, and supplies that were then shipped to Puerto Rico—8 tonnes in all! We also formed pen-pal relationships with school students in Puerto Rico that will continue to expand the horizons of Covenant students and help fulfill part of the schools mission of equipping our students to serve God in His world.

News Station WSBT came to the school to share our connection with Puerto Rico to the Michiana community, watch and read the story.

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Principal Hesselink

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