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Covenant Christian School continues to receive recognition for our support of Hurricane Maria’s victims.

Our partnership with add.a.lingua began in 2010 and has guided us through implementing and fostering of an effective Spanish immersion program. In January, Add.a.lingua published a blog post highlighting Covenant Christian School’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico.
add.a.lingua’s post chose to highlight Covenant’s relief action because it embodies a key outcome that language immersion programs aim to achieve, increased cultural awareness and sensitivity among students.
Our experience is that even our non-immersion, English tract students develop an increased cultural awareness and sensitivity because we are one school. Like the immersion students, the English program students know teachers from all over Latin America. So when disaster struck Mrs. Mendoza’s family, students in the English program were strongly effected like their peers in the immersion program. Being one school that represents such a diversity of teacher, student, and family backgrounds means that everyone benefits from our immersion program, even the parents of our students who also got behind the relief efforts.
Expanding the horizons of all Covenant students with increased cultural awareness and sensitivity aligns perfectly with part of the schools mission, equipping our students to serve God in His world.


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