The Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Gabrielle Holston to the position of Director of Marketing, Operations & Enrollment at Covenant Christian School.

As Covenant Christian School continues to grow, we needed to hire someone who could further develop our online presence, lead traditional and online marketing and enrollment campaigns, and manage the front office. We were looking for someone who embodies our family-centered ethos, embraces our goal of equipping children to serve God in His world, and has a vision to bring Covenant’s small classes, full-immersion program, and mission to a wider community.

Gabrielle Holston is the embodiment of these qualities. As an alumna of Covenant Christian School (class of 2007), she embraces our ethos and vision for education. For years she’s been an advocate for the school (read her bio below to learn why). Beyond being passionate about Covenant, Gabrielle brings real-world experience to the role. She is a entrepreneur and self-starter who founded a local Granger business, Footprints Dance Studio. Gabrielle’s combination of business expertise and understanding of Covenant’s mission make her a great fit for this new role.

Gabrielle officially begins her new role in July, but you may see her around the school before that, because she has already begun her work, so make her feel welcome!

Come and meet Gabrielle at the 2018 Covenant Christian Association Meeting, Monday 4 June @ 6:30pm.


The Covenant Christian School Board
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Gabrielle Holston  |  Director of Marketing, Operations & Enrollment

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When people hear about Gabrielle’s dance studio, Footprints, they often exclaim, “oh, what a cute name for all those little kids’ feet!” To which Gabrielle chuckles ruefully, thinking “If only they knew…”

As a third-grader running the mile around Covenant Christian School’s building, teachers and other students would ask Gabrielle if she was okay. Her feet sounded heavy, like there was something wrong with them—and there was. Gabrielle was born with extra bones that make the structure of her feet unstable. While her condition complicated her passion for dance, she credits her education at Covenant Christian School for equipping her intellectually and spiritually for the complicated path she would ultimately walk.

Gabrielle’s journey began at Covenant, where she was a student through the eighth-grade. During those years, she learned about literature and science, math and history, and her place in the story of God and his people. She reflects that Covenant’s always been home—and she always knew she could come back. When her best-friend’s mother was killed in a car accident, Gabrielle returned to Covenant. Betty Pruzinski supported and tutored Gabrielle through the ninth-grade math that she couldn’t grasp while wrestling with the grief of losing the woman who was like a second mother. When the Old Testament was presented as misogynistic in theology classes at Valpo, Gabrielle returned to the rich debates of her seventh- and eight-grade Bible classes at Covenant. Her teachers had taught her that Jesus was the foundation for faith rather than a particular reading of scripture—and then they had taught her to read the Bible with attention to genre, context, and narrative shape. Through the careful thinking she’d learned at Covenant, Gabrielle was able to engage her college classes in a way that enriched rather than threatened her faith. And facing the continued deterioration of her feet despite four reconstructive foot surgeries, Gabrielle is once again returning to Covenant. During the pain of the past year, Gabrielle realized that she would not be able to continue being a full-time dance teacher at Footprints. The same week she decided to seek additional work to help keep the studio a sustainable passion project rather than a burden, her mom saw the advertisement for an office manager at Covenant and sent it her way. Gabrielle applied immediately.

Gabrielle is truly excited to be returning to Covenant, bringing the skills she’s learned through managing her own studio to the front-office as the Director of Marketing and Operations. When asked about why Covenant is so special to her, Garbrielle says that it was at Covenant where she learned some of the most important lessons about who she is and who God is amid a broken and suffering world. Gabrielle explains that her Covenant education gave her a foundation for the hard things in life, like the pain of having her heels cut open and screws put into the bones of her feet, of being in a wheel-chair or on crutches during much of her kinesiology degree at Valpo, of transitioning into a largely management role in her beloved dance studio, and of facing the ongoing degeneration of her ability to walk. At Covenant, Gabrielle learned that God knows her, that God sees her, and that, in the midst of her pain, God will carry her.

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