Each of our teachers is being interviewed by Mariano Gomez, a senior at Holy Cross College, who is writing a short biography to tell our teachers’ stories. The bios are being added each week to Covenant’s Faculty webpage. Thank you Mariano!

This week, we’d like to help you get to know our Kindergarten teachers a little better…

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Principal Hesselink

Sra. Gutierez  |  Kindergarten Spanish Immersion

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During a tumultuous time for her country Mrs. Gutierrez fled her hometown of Barquisimeto, in Lara, Venezuela. Relations between the government and its people were deteriorating, which made jobs, education, and food difficult to acquire. Her sister had previously moved to South Bend, so Mrs. Gutierrez and her son followed, moving to South Bend in 2014. But her sister was responsible for more than her move to the United States; she brought Mrs. Gutierrez to Covenant Christian as well. Although her sister moved to another school, Mrs. Gutierrez continues to be relentlessly committed to Covenant.

Before migrating to the United States, Mrs. Gutierrez received her degree from La Universidad Fermin Toro in Lara, Venezuela. Originally, she wanted to use her degree to become a psychologist. Her mother opposed these plans because being a psychologist would have required Mrs. Gutierrez to leave town. Respecting her mother’s wishes, she decided to put her psychological training into practice through education..

In her Kindergarten Immersion class, Mrs. Gutierrez prides herself in having learned all her students names, since many have Anglophone names that sound very similar to her! As she and her son have adjusted to life in a new place, Mrs. Gutierrez is thankful for the opportunity to teach at a school like Covenant Christian where learning is fostered by a warm, family environment and supported by abundant resources.

Mrs. Schuur  |  Kindergarten English

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Mrs. Schuur’s intense desire to teach is what makes the 40 minute drive from her home in Dowagiac, Michigan to Covenant each day worthwhile.

There was never a moment in Mrs. Schuur’s life that she didn’t want to be a teacher. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Indiana University, South Bend, she completed a Masters degree at Western Michigan, also in elementary education. In addition to these degrees, she has pursued specialized training in reading, writing, math, early childhood literacy, and teaching art to children. While she enjoys keeping updated on the newest educational practices for early elementary students, the students are what really drive her passion for teaching. Mrs. Schuur, who teaches the English Kindergarten at Covenant, explains that her students are at a rich developmental moment where everything is new and interesting, making the classroom a constantly changing, exciting place to be.

Mrs. Schuur and her husband are active at First Christian Church in Dowagiac, MI, where he is a worship leader. At First Christian, Mrs. Schuur enjoys her involvement in a Bible study and teaching Sunday School. The ministry of First Christian empowers her to better serve the children, families, and staff of Covenant Christian School.

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