Welcome to Covenant Christian Preschool!

We are very excited to offer a preschool program to the Michiana area, including Mishawaka, Osceola, Granger, Elkhart and South Bend! Covenant Christian Preschool provides a safe, healthy, nurturing environment. We offer a high quality, creative, and developmentally appropriate preschool program that leads children to experience God’s love and create a foundation upon which social relationships and strong self-esteem are built. 

What We Do

Our teachers plan the interest areas in each room with careful thought to the layout. By following a daily routine and making sure the learning environment is organized, well-stocked, and stimulating, we encourage children to choose activities during parts of our day that interest them. Teachers support and extend activities to aide children in discovery, deeper understanding, and new learning. Along with choices, we participate in large and small groups daily. These more structured times not only provide rich learning time, but also help provide a nice balance of child-led/teacher initiated activities.


We Promote

– Spiritual growth and development: We plan meaningful time to worship together. 4 and 5 year old students attend some of the whole school Chapel activities and lessons as well as learn worship songs and bible stories. Children in the younger 3 and 4 year old class are not in school on Chapel days, so while they do not get that experience until their second year of preschool, they still benefit from learning worship songs and bible stories. Covenant Christian School also provides opportunities for families to participate together in being an extension of Christ. 

– Communication and Language Development: Children are encouraged to talk about what they are doing throughout the day to build important communication and language skills to help meet the demands of later learning. Strategies such as encouraging children to verbalize what they plan to do or recall what they just did can strengthen develpoing thought and reasoning processes.

– Independence and Confidence: Children are capable of doing so much! We encourage and support children in self-help skills, and making choices. We believe this builds and grows confidence and prepares children for future experiences.

Our Approach

By providing developmentally appropriate learning opportunities, children are Active Learners. Research indicates preschool-aged children learn best by doing. At the heart of our approach to teaching young children is active participatory learning. We give our preschoolers direct hands-on experience from which they can derive meaning. Such experiences lead our students to construct knowledge that promotes learning and growth in all areas of development.



General Structure of Our Day:

Arrival: Children arrive, are welcomed into the classroom, and engage in an activity such as interest areas, art experiences, or games.

Morning Greeting Time: Children join together as a community to discuss the day, and pray. A book is also shared. 

Large Group Game or Activity: Children participate together as peers in a gross motor activity, songs and rhymes, or acting out stories.

Snack Time: Children eat together and practice self-help skills. 

Planning and Work/Center Time: Children verbalize their intentions and actively engage in interest areas. Teachers support children in exploration and promote deeper understanding of concepts. 

Clean-up: Children participate in cleaning up and caring for their room.

Recall/Language Development: Children recall and verbalize to communicate with their peers what they accomplished during work/center time.

Small Groups: Children work in small groups on projects or games to encourage developing skills.

Dismissal: Children gather to recap their day, say goodbye, and prepare to leave for the day. 

 What People Are Saying About Covenant Christian Preschool:


“We have sent both of our kids here and we love it! Both have learned so much and enjoy going. The staff is phenomenal! I would recommend Covenant Christian Preschool 100%!”


“The preschool was by far the best decision we could have made for our daughter! My only regret is that we didn’t pick it sooner.”


“I love this preschool! My daughter has loved every activity they have done and just loves her teacher.  It is so exciting to watch your child learn while having so much fun!”


“We transferred mid-year to Covenant Christian and we are glad that we made the move. My son is happy and excited to come to school and loves the activities his class does everyday.”

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