Our Robotics team took first place at the E-3 Qualifying Tournament at the Ethos Science Center on Saturday, November 3. They will be competing in the state tournament in Fort Wayne, IN on December 8.
For this event, the team of 4th-8th graders created a robot and programmed it to complete space missions. They also did a robot design presentation in which they took turns examining what each piece of the robot did and why. The team did a project presentation where they put on a skit designed to make astronauts enjoy exercise in space through the use of Virtual Reality Technology. Finally, the team also did a core values presentation where each team member explained how a core value helped them in robotics. The core values they focused on were: impact, integration, inclusion, teamwork, cooperation, and gracious professionalism. Due to a change in rules, once on site they had to change their robot to fit the new sizing rule. Despite this obstacle, the team still came in first place over 24 local schools.
They look forward to improving on their current missions and working on some new ones when they head to state on December 8.

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