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As Covenant Christian School continues to grow, we need to hire someone who can further develop our online presence, lead traditional and online marketing and enrollment campaigns, and manage the front office. We are looking for someone who embodies our family-centered ethos, embraces our goal of equipping children to serve God in His world, and has a vision to bring Covenant’s small classes, full-immersion program, and mission to a wider community.


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Director of Operations, Marketing & Enrollment


We are seeking a highly qualified candidate for the Director of Operations, Marketing and Enrollment who can act as a self-starter, work with others, manage technology adeptly and have a passion for the mission of the school. Bachelor’s degree required and other experience or graduate work a plus. Compensation is competitive for this type of role. 

If interested, please submit a resume / CV and any relevant background materials to our leadership team at Board@CovenantChristian.School by March 31, 2018.

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Job Description

The Director of Operations, Marketing & Enrollment plays a vital leadership role and is expected to liaise with all staff members at the school. The Director’s responsibility includes: marketing, communications, website, social media, enrollment, child care operations and front office activities.

Background Skills 

Desired background skills for the role include:
  • An ability to work with a high level of autonomy
  • Impeccable organizational and time management skills and a detail-oriented mindset that focuses on driving excellent results
  • Strong desire to consistently analyze areas where things can be improved, find solutions and work with the Board & Staff to implement changes
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Basic experience with creating & editing website content in consumer platforms like WordPress or Blogger
  • Ability to write and edit simple marketing copy for news & events web-posts, fliers and email communications for parents
  • Some experience capturing & editing still photographs and videos for use on the school website and in communication pieces

Roles and Responsibilities

The following are the roles and responsibilities for the Director:
  • Lead marketing and communications efforts for the school, including signage, social media, website, weekly newsletter, local media, parents, and broader Immersion community
  • Manage enrollment process
  • Manage front office, child care and facilities staff
  • Lead annual fundraising efforts and school events, including opening school year kickoff, Christmas celebration/concert, end of year gathering, and other periodic gatherings and school open-houses
  • Manage extracurricular scheduling
  • Ensure students and staff have access to needed technology
  • Manage procurement processes to ensure the school has all necessary supplies
  • Maintain accurate inventory records of the school’s assets

Overview of  Covenant Christian School

Covenant Christian School was established in 1993 by a group of independent, multi-denominational parents looking for a comprehensive academic program. The school’s mission is to partner with Christian parents to equip their children to serve God in His world by providing a Christ-centered, academically excellent education.

Alongside a traditional English language-based track, the school also hosts the local region’s only complete Spanish Immersion Program, in partnership with Add-a-Lingua. Taught by native Spanish speakers from several different countries, these classes offer students the chance to gain strong fluency in Spanish as well as a broader cultural perspective.

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