Join the Covenant Community as we Walk together

in World Vision’s Global 6K for Water


As we did in 2018 (see the fun we had last year), the Covenant Christian School Community will join thousands of people across the globe in World Vision’s Global 6K for Water. The event will take place on Saturday, May 4, 2019,  Every registration fee helps provides clean water for one person, collective registration fees provide clean water for whole communities. You can help a child fulfill their dreams, instead of filling up buckets of water.

The distance is significant. 6 kilometers (approximately 3.7 miles, or 15 laps around a track) is the average distance people—usually women and girls—walk to get water for their families and homes in the developing world. Often, the walk is dangerous, children miss school to fulfill this household need, and the water is dirty. When you participate in World Vision’s Global 6K, every step you take is one they won’t have to.

A 6K event is being organized in South Bend, and the Covenant community is going to join others from our local community to help World Vision bring clean water to children and communities in the developing world.

Join the Covenant Christian School community for what should be a a great family experience, learning more about our global neighbors’ needs, as well as what God is doing in the world through groups like World Vision. In the weeks leading up to the 6K, we will learn about Clean Water issues in our classrooms and a World Vision representative will speak to us in Chapel. The 6K Event will also be a fun & fellowship occasion for the school community, with some playtime @ Keller Park after the 6K!

Covenant is participating as part of “Team South Bend”

Event Info

  • Date & Time: Saturday 4 May @ 9:30am
  • Location: The Start & End of the 6K will be in Keller Park in South Bend (see Map Link). The 6K will take-place along the West-Bank Trail of the St. Joseph River
  • Registration Costs: $25 for Children, $50 for Adults (Pay what you can, but don’t let the cost stop your family from participating. You can register 1 person in your family and have the rest of your family participate in the 6K. World Vision will mail a T-Shirt, Event Bib & Medal to each registered participant.)
  • Register Online @ World Vision’s Event Website ( for the South Bend 6K — we are part of “Team South Bend”.
  • Fun @ Keller Park: after the 6K Event, stay and play with the Covenant Community @ the Keller Park Playground


6K Course Info + Walk or Run? Stroller? Walk the Dog?

You are free to Walk or Run the 6 Kilometer (3.7 mile course), that will take you from Keller Park, along the West-Bank River Trail and back to Keller Park.

You can walk your dog or push your kid in a stroller if you like!

The course is very safe! The West-Bank Trail is wide, away from the street and there is only one place that the 6K course will cross the road — crossing Riverside Drive to get to Riverside Trail.

If 6K is too far… you can simply turn-around if you have too…

Is this Event just for Covenant families?

No. Covenant Christian School is joining-in on South Bend’s 6K Event. The South Bend 6K is being organized by a local World Vision representative, and the local event is being sponsored by South Bend City Church.

The intention is that anyone in the local community can participate in the South Bend event as part of “Team South Bend”. That means, you can invite others from your church, your neighborhood or your wider family to participate in the 6K as well. Bring the grandparents along!

If you have Covenant Spirit-wear, wear it! Or you can wear the World Vision 6K Event T-Shirt that you will receive in the mail prior to the event.

How will my $25 or $50 registration fee be used?

$50 provides clean water for one person. Funds raised will be used to dig new water wells, build handwashing stations, improve water infrastructure and pipelines, train community members to maintain these projects, and more.

The more people who register, the more children and families who get clean water. It’s that simple!

In 2018, funds raised from the Global 6K for Water will go to World Vision’s water programs around the world. World Vision’s goal is to provide clean water to 50,000 children through the Global 6K.

All funds will go directly to World Vision through their Global 6K for Water event website. Covenant Christian School will not collect or handle any money for this event.

Additional Way's to Support the 6K Event

If you can’t participate in this years’ 6K, sponsor Team South Bend by making a Donation. You can also sponsor an Individual Team Member is Walking or Running the 6K. Every registered 6K participant provides clean water to one person in the developing world through the $50 registration fee, and your race bib will have a picture, name, and age of a child who will benefit from World Vision’s clean water projects. We encourage you to reflect on the transformative impact of the Global 6K, and pray for these children as you participate in the event! Plus, you will have the opportunity to sponsor the child on your bib—an opportunity to develop a friendship with a child on the other side of the world, and to show the love of God, which brings hope and lifelong transformation.

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How can I learn more about World Vision?

Global 6K Event Info @

World Vision’s Clean Water Initiatives

About Us — World Vision is a global Christian humanitarian organization

Covenant is participating as part of “Team South Bend”

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